Using Melissa ID starts in the business portal, where you can configure your business and document requirements, control the flow of the verification process, onboard new clients to verify, monitor all stages of the process, take corrective actions and view Customer Due Diligence reports stored securely on the cloud.

Verifying new clients begins by sending a link via text, email or by sharing the link manually. Once they have clicked the link, they will be directed to the Apple or Google Play store respectively. The app will guide them through the process which may liveness checks, document scanning and uploading results for your review in the Business Portal.

Business Portal Workflow#

Step 1

  • Send customer a download link for the Melissa ID app via text or email.

  • The customer will be prompted to continue to the verification process.

Step 2

  • When the customer has completed the verification process through the app, the customer submission is ready for review.

  • The portal will take the reviewer through each uploaded document so that the data can be double-checked, modified, rejected or flagged for further action if needed.

  • The documents will also undergo advanced technical checks that confirm documents have not been forged or tampered with.

Step 3

  • A Customer Due Diligence report will be generated. This report can be accessed anytime by clicking the Reports tab on the left-hand navigation in the portal.

  • These are automatically stored securely on the cloud and can be easily printed/downloaded.


Remote Onboarding#

ID documentation can be uploaded from anywhere and at any time, even from the comfort of their own home. No need to have true copies certified or travel to provide material in-person.

Rapid ID Document Submission#

Our app is simple and intuitive, allowing customers to capture and submit their ID documentation in less than 60 seconds.

2-click App Download#

Customers receive a link that takes them directly to the Melissa ID app. No need to search through the app store.

Technical Checks#

The Melissa ID web portal runs advanced technical check against the identity documents to confirm there is no evidence of forgery or tampering.

Full Audit Trail#

A comprehensive Customer Due Diligence report is generated and stored securely, providing peace of mind that your business is fully compliant with KYC regulations.

Maintain Control of Onboarding Process#

Ultimate control of the customer’s verification and final onboarding remains with the business.

Document Verification#

Captures ID and document data using Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) document scanning to extract crucial information from passports, utility bills, driver’s licenses, etc

Proof of Life#

Scans face and checks for eye movement to establish if the person behind the ID is real


Uses smart facial recognition and facial comparison algorithms to recognize a match between a selfie and the ID image