How should my address file be formatted?#

Address files must be saved as a CSV, and should be formatted according to this guide.

Is there a limit to the number of addresses I can match?#

At this time, we can only accept files with up to 100,000 addresses. For more than 100,000 addresses, please contact us for a custom proposal.

Do you have data in my city and state?#

For a full list of our data availability (including our local district coverage), please see this document.

Can I see a sample?#

The results will be returned back to you as a CSV, with your original addresses and other fields included. You will receive a separate CSV for each district level you choose (for example, if you choose to match your addresses to State House and State Senate districts, you will receive 2 CSVs as a result). You can view a sample output here.

An election just occurred. How soon will you have data for new elected officials?#

Our team updates data on elected officials as it becomes available after an election. If you have questions about whether data is available for a specific legislature or official after an election, please contact us before starting a project.