Service Speed#

What speeds can I expect from this web service?#

Throughput and response times for Personator Identity can vary due to many factors. Each action that is utilized within Personator Identity directly affects processing speeds.

Check Action#

Personator Identity’s Check action relies on Melissa’s Global services to validate individual contact data elements.

  • Speeds will vary depending on which contact data are being processed and which options are leveraged.

  • The service can process up to 100k records per hour when using only the Check action.

Verify Action#

Personator Identity’s Verify action performs a real-time electronic ID Verification against reliable data providers.

The Check action must be also enabled to verify an individual.

  • Speeds can change drastically when switching between multiple countries.

  • Changing the match criteria (proof of address, eIDV, 2+2 matching) and/or matching fields can also impact speeds.

    • For this reason, speeds should be measured on a case-by-case basis.

Screen Action#

Personator Identity’s Screen action performs a check against our proprietary Watchlist Data.

The Check action must also be enabled to screen an individual.

  • Speeds vary depending on the quality of the data and the contact data elements submitted for the request.

The service can process up to 15k records per hour when using the Screen action.