What is New Homeowners Data?#

New property owners sourced from county deed transactions

How often is New Homeowners Data updated?#

Data Updated Weekly

What data does New Homeowners Data use?#

Country Recorder/Deed Data

How quickly do you get the new deed transactions after they are recorded?#

It varies depending on how quickly the counties record the transactions and the data is compiled

Can I get a subscription and is there a discount for buying more?#

Yes, and we give you a discount for buying in bulk up front

Do you have any statistics on move data I can purchase along with the mailing list?#

Melissa Migration reports offer statistic information of movers moving in and out of any geography: ZIP Codes, City, County, State

Do you have any previous address information?#

This file does not but we do have some of that information on our New Mover data set

Do you have phone and email data available with this list?#

No, not at this time. Email and phone data are not recorded with the transaction