Fuel your grassroots advocacy campaign or complete targeted mailings in minutes. Upload a spreadsheet of addresses and we’ll return it stamped with the legislators and districts you need.

  • Appends a wealth of information including legislative districts and our extensive elected official contact information.

  • Your matched spreadsheet will be returned within hours.

Sample File#

Click here to download the sample file output.


  • Comma delimited files only: .csv

  • Columns containing separated address components (see our guide) or latitude and longitude coordinates

  • Zip code fields formatted as text fields to preserve leading zeros

  • Files must contain no more than 100,000 addresses. Please Contact Us to process larger files.

Sensitive information#

Please include only necessary data in the uploaded file. For the privacy of those whose data you are transmitting, we ask that you do not include any personal or sensitive information. This may include but is not limited to data about a person’s racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, health history, criminal convictions or offenses, or other sensitive information.

Getting Started#

Upload a spreadsheet#

Upload a spreadsheet of up to 100,000 addresses.


Choose stamping options#

Select the districts and representative data you need. You can choose from national, state, and local legislative districts and elected officials from nine countries, as well as many non-legislative districts such as census, school, judicial, and watershed.


Download your results#

Submit your project. We’ll email you once it’s complete. Turnaround time is typically a few hours, and no more than one day.