Response Level Errors#

When sending a web service request, there are a few different errors you may encounter. To troubleshoot these errors, the service response will return a Transmission Results property with result codes. For Example:


Once you get the result code, you can look up the associated definition in the product documentation to better understand the error.

For a list of all the possible Response Level Errors, see below.

Response Header Level Error (429 Error)#

Melissa Web Services may return a 429 error in the web service response header. 429 errors occur when too many simultaneous requests are sent to the web services. Here is an example of the error:

HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests
Content-Length: 0
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 18:31:56 GMT
Server: Kestrel

When the API response header returns a 429 error, the response body will be empty. While our APIs allow for multi-threading and sending simultaneous requests, a 429 error will return on extreme cases when an oddly high number of simultaneous requests hit our APIs for any single user. This helps us prevent clients from overwhelming our servers by sending too many requests. It also prevents other security risks similar to DDOS attacks.

If you experience this error, please reduce the number of simultaneous requests to the service. You may also contact your account representative to discuss alternative solutions.

Licensing Errors#

Your Melissa License Key has an expiration date, a set amount of records to process, and is for specific products. This key is required in each web request you make for your Melissa software to function. You must resolve any licensing errors before the Melissa service will work.

The following result codes deal with license key issues:


Short Description

Long Description


Empty License Key

The License Key is empty.


Invalid License Key

The License Key is invalid.


Disabled License Key

The License Key is disabled.

Common Transmission Errors#

The following are common transmission result codes you may see while submitting a request. You’ll see these when the requirements for a valid request are not met or when the service itself encounters an error.


Short Description

Long Description


Cloud Service Internal Error

The cloud service experienced an internal error.


Empty Request Record Structure

The SOAP, JSON, or XML request record structure is empty. Not to be confused with the GE02 GeoCode result code.


Records Per Request Exceeded

The counted records sent more than the number of records allowed per request.


Invalid Request

The SOAP, JSON, or XML request is invalid.


Product/Level Not Enabled

The License Key is invalid for this product or level.