See individual product pages’ documentation or Result codes for a complete description of their respective capabilities.

Global Services#

Address Checking#

  • Validate, standardize, and correct addresses for over 240 countries and territories

  • Transliterate addresses to native character sets and/or Latin

  • Append geocodes (latitude / longitude coordinates) for 40 countries

Domestic US and Canada#


Standardize and Correct

  • Names

  • Addresses

  • Phone Numbers

  • Email Addresses

  • Append Geo-coordinates

Personator Verify#

  • Correlate the above data types, E.G. Do they actually belong together?

Personator Move#

  • Check to see if a Name or associated Company has moved to a new address.

Personator Append#

  • If a record is verified or data sources may be able to append missing data (fill in the blanks.)

  • Demographic data, if available for the record, can be appended (date of birth, household income, length of residence, etc.)

SmartMover NCOA#

  • Check to see if a Name or associated Company has moved to a new address


  • Result Codes: The quality and errors associated with each record; appended to each record.

  • General Processing Summary: Details of processed job.

  • Processing Results Summary: Summary table and charts of each action performed.

  • Result Code Summary: Table of total counts for each possible output action.

  • Credit Cost Details: List of credits charged for various categories.

Similar Solutions#

Similar Solutions#

Data Quality Suite#

Individual Address, Name, Phone, Email Object programmers libraries or Suite.

Personator and Global Cloud Services#

Contact data verification callable web service from various protocols.

MAILERS+4 Software#

Desktop CASS, PAVE, Deduping.

ETL SSIS Components#

Contact data verification for Enterprise customers.

Express Entry#

Real-time data entry with auto-complete and verification of US addresses.

Listware for Excel#

Add-in for Microsoft’s Excel® for data cleansing.

Personator Options Not Available in Listware#

The following options are Personator options not available in Listware Online, along with how Listware Online is set.

Name options (set to default)#

  • NameHint (set to ‘Varying’)

  • GenderPopulation (set to ‘Mixed’)

  • GenderAggression (set to ‘Neutral’)

  • MiddleNameLogic (set to ‘ParseLogic’)

  • SalutationFormat (set to ‘Formal’)

  • CorrectFirstName (set to ‘On’)

  • StandardizeCompany (set to ‘On’)

Address options#

  • UsePreferredCity (set to ‘On’)

  • AdvancedAddressCorrection (set to ‘On’)

  • Address option Diacritics are set to it’s default value (‘Auto’).

Email options (set to default)#

  • CorrectSyntax (set to ‘On’)

  • UpdateDomain (set to ‘On’)

  • DatabaseLookup (set to ‘On’)

  • StandardizeCasing (set to ‘On’)

Verify option#

  • CentricHint (set to default: Auto)

Append option#

  • Append is set to ‘Blank’.

Not Available in Listware#

  • No detailed phone properties are available in Listware Online.

  • No detailed e-mail properties are available in Listware Online.

  • The user cannot GeoCode using only an Address Key (ie, he must provide a full address).

  • No .cfg override.

  • Input/Output properties. The underlying services (see individual product pages) offer more options.

Only In Listware#

  • Brief summary report of credits consumed, number of records successfully verified for each operation.

  • Flexible, on-demand credit payment system.

Best Practices#

Optimizing Speed#

  • Don’t perform unnecessary actions. Not only will unnecessary options consume more credits, but operations like verify and append, for example, check a much larger amount of our source data, therefore consume more resources.

  • Pre-order your data by ZIP or city name. This will fully utilize the service’s caching abilities while processing.


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