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Benefits & Features#

To get the most use out of Melissa Data products, you should read the Application Notes listed here. Each one goes into detail on how to use a unique feature in Melissa Data products. This is a new addition to our Web site. In time we will cover all the powerful features in Melissa Data products.

What MAILERS+4 can do to Improve Delivery Service#

Tips the Advertising Mail Marketing Association has collected from members on what mailers can do in an attempt to minimize delivery delays.

Using Phone Check in MAILERS+4#

A feature that verifies the Area Code + Prefix of phone numbers in a list and updates the Area Code when a new one is added.

Using Name Parse and Genderizer in MAILERS+4#

A feature that parses full names into first, middle and last. Also determines the gender of a first name.

Ancillary Service Endorsements#

Tells the USPS what to do with your mail piece when it is not deliverable as addressed.

Q&A about Move Update#

Questions and Answers regarding the Move Update requirement of First-Class mail.


This useful program is included with Mailers+4. You can look up ZIP+4 Codes and verify addresses nationwide.

Mailing Resources#

Standard Mail Guide#

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Periodicals Guide#

Click here to download the Periodicals Guide.

Saturation Guide#

Click here to download the Saturation Guide.

First Class Guide#

Click here to download the First Class Guide.

USPS Guides#

Quick Service Guide#

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Business Mail 101#

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Domestic Mailing Manual#

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CanadaPost Guides#

Commercial Mail#

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Addressing Guidelines#

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TEM Testing#

Test Process for Mail.dat#

Click here to download the Test Process for Mail.dat.

TEM Submission for Mail.dat#

Click here to download the TEM Submission for Mail.dat.