2015: Geocoder Object Notice#

Geocoder Remote Logging Advisory#

Due to vendor requirements, we are introducing a new remote logging function in the November 2015 release of Geocoder Object.
Please see How is Logging Data Handled section below for more details on the domain, IP address, and port information.
There will be two modes for the object:

Logging not required#

Geocoder Object will behave as it did before. No data will leave your network from the object itself.

Logging required#

  • Geocoder Object will be required to reach outside of your network to Melissa Data’s service to continue to function.

  • Internet and firewall access will be required by the object. There will be a grace period so that temporary disruption (days) in internet access will not stop the object from processing, but continued disruption will prevent the object from processing.

  • We will track the number of GeoCodes and GeoPoints appended as well as overall number of records run. Those numbers and the incoming IP Address will be the only pieces of information we are tracking or storing.

  • We have added SetLatitude and SetLongitude input for you to submit previous results so that Geocoder Object only counts unique records towards your total.

  • No coding changes are required unless you want to take advantage of the SetLatitude/SetLongitude unique record only counting feature.

  • We have introduced two new result codes (GW02,GW03) to warn you of the object’s inability to connect to our servers.

  • Please see the Geocoder documentation for more detailed information on these new functions and result codes.

The decision to require logging in your License Key will be based on your subscription level and determined by your sales representative.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales representative.

How is Logging Handled?#

Geocoder Object will use port 443 to send traffic to our servers. We encrypt and decrypt the traffic ourselves.

The object will make a call out to this domain:

Currently, the logging data is sent to However, we reserve the right to change the IP Address in the future.

Please reference our IP ranges and allow them to future-proof your firewall access.