What is the main purpose of the Occupant File?#

Its is designed for Advertisin mail pieces - gping to every deliverable address.

How often is Occupant Data updated?#

File is Updated monthly.

What data does Occupant Data use?#

USPS postal information - they are the owner of the file and Valassis works directly with them for distribution.


What percentage of a carrier route determines the postage rate?#

90 percent of a carrier route - below that if apts are excluded - it might drop to high density rate.

Why does a Address repeat ?#

Address repeats (not dupes) indicate that this is a drop box where mail is left for resident to pick up - number of repeats is number to be dropped.

How do you answer a client’s question when they want to target a specific apt building?#

The USPS look up tool will tell you the carrier oute -advise the client they have to order the entire route .

What does “stop” indicate in the file?#

Similiar to drop box - mail is delivered from a central point.

What is difference between our file and USPS EDDM file?#

Our file has names where available and adresses. EDDM has neither - however the distrubution is the same to eery deliverable address.

How long is the Occupant File valid for mailing purposes?#

Cass form (CDS) is valid for 60 days from date of purchase.

Can the file be purchased for multi use?#

Yes but must be must complete all mailings within the 60 day time frame.

Using mailing software - can you run presort on the file?#

No - it has a WSS number and is designed to be mailed as the file is delivered.

Who is our source for the Occupant File?#

Veristar aka Valassis - they are one of the 2 approved licensees for the file.

How often is NCOA run for names where available?#

Monthly - however names are supplied as a bonus feature - they are not necessary.

Will mail piece be delivered if name is wrong?#

Yes - Current resident will suffice.

Are business in the file? Can they be excluded?#

There are businesses in the file - addressed to Business Owner - they can be excluded and do not affect the postage rates -they are a bonus.

Can this file be apprended with additional data?#

No - it cannot. Our contract states that it cannot be appended and if a special case arises it has to be approved by Valassis first and a use case provided.

What is the WSS number?#

WSS number indicates the sequence of how the mail is to be delivered by the postman. It does not give a additional discount if applied to other types of mailing files as discounts are applied on the percentage of the pieces mailed to a route. 90% is saturation - less than 90 is High density etc.

Occupant Data#

What is Occupant Data?#

  • Mailing lists or data sets provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that are used for targeted direct mail marketing campaigns. These lists contain information about specific addresses, including details about the residents or occupants of those addresses. USPS occupant data is primarily used for reaching households and businesses with advertising materials, promotional offers, and other marketing communications.

  • Address Information: USPS occupant data includes mailing addresses, such as street addresses, apartment numbers, or P.O. box information, that are currently active and deliverable.

  • Geographic Location: The data is organized by ZIP codes, delivery routes, or other geographical units, allowing businesses to target specific regions or neighborhoods.

  • Occupant Name or “Occupant” Designation: In cases where specific individual names are not available or relevant, the data may use “Occupant” as a designation for the recipient. This is common for addresses without specific names associated with them.

  • Delivery Point Validation: USPS occupant data is typically updated and validated by the USPS to ensure the accuracy of the mailing addresses and the deliverability of mail.

  • Address Types: USPS occupant data may include various types of addresses, such as residential addresses, business addresses, and even “Current Resident” designations for situations where the exact occupants are unknown.