What is Building Footprints Data?#

Building footprints are polygonal shapes of buildings across the continental United States. Sourced data uses satellite imagery and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to produce pixel prediction outputs, and are refined using semantic segmentation and polygonization. We use and geo-enrich the shape information to analyze it’s location in relation to the positional accuracy of our address points.

How often is Building Footprints Data updated?#

Building footprint data is updated on a ad-hoc basis. The intent is to update building footprints records so that records are no older than two years.

What data source does Building Footprints Data use?#

Open Data sources consist of local, regional, and national jurisdictions. We also use Bing Maps, which has generated high-quality building footprints that leverage Artificial Inteligence (AI) and harnesses the power of computer vision to identify these mapping features.