2021-Q4: Geocoder Object Major Update 2021Q4#

Geocoder Object Major Update 2021Q4
This update of Geocoder Object contains a major update to the census data. This update uses the 2020 decennial census. During non-decade level census updates, the Census usually keeps census tracks and blocks stable and simple subdivide them. However, during decade level full census updates, they redraw boundaries and we can expect significant tract and block changes.
What if I want need 2010 census data
We make available an output field that tracks with the 2010 census data. This is an update field called CensusKeyDecennial which is a string containing the FIPS, Tract, and Block.
What will happen next year?
As the Census makes yearly updated data for the census available, we will update
Geocoder object to use the latest data available. CensusKeyDecennial will contain
the previous census level data that is different than the current year.
So, when Melissa first releases the 2020 data, the CensusKeyDecennial will still
be returning 2010 data. Next year, when Census 2021 data is available,
CensusKeyDecennial will move to contain 2020 data. At that point, we will also
make available a way for users to keep using 2010 data, but that process
has not been finalized.