Reference Guide#


Open the Report.html file in any web browser. Reports contain:

  1. A Summary with links to other charts.

    • This will only appear for some services.

  2. A list of tables and charts that may pertain to the process.

    • You can click the Delete button to remove items from the list

  3. A list of all of the Result Codes counts and percentages.

    • Result codes will be grouped together by their type.

Report Availability#

The following services have specialized reports and/or aggregate statistics, using result codes.

  • Personator Consumer

  • Global Address

  • Global Phone

  • Global Email

  • PropertyLookup

  • GlobalIP

  • Business Coder (No Charts)

  • Global Name (No Charts)

  • SmartMover (No Charts)

The following services cannot currently create proper reports:

  • Personator Search

  • Property Lookup Deeds

  • Property Lookup Homes By Owner

  • ReverseGeo

Report Maker#

In the Reporting section, click the button “Report Now” to open the Report Maker window. The window has two ways to make a report.

Output File Tab#

You may want to make an HTML report for a file that was processed outside of Listware Plus. You can do that in the output file tab.

  1. Select your file and delimiter settings, then choose the webservice this file belongs to in the dropdown box.

  2. After clicking Proceed, the input mapping table will appear if your delimiter is correct.

  3. Map your inputs in the “Before” column to their outputs in the “After” column.

    1. This is used to generate charts pertaining to Addresses, Company, Name, Phone, Email fields, etc

  4. Map the “Results” column. This is the comma-delimited string of result codes returned by any of our data quality components.

Previous Run Tab#

All successful runs done in all Listware Plus are stored together. You can recreate the report from an old run in the Previous Run tab. Select a service from the drop down box and you will see a list of past runs. Select the run you wish to recreate a report for and click generate report. These reports will be found in the “Previous Runs” folder, in a directory created from the File Name.

  • Newer versions of Listware Plus are not necessarily compatible with old runs, in which case you may get an error code when trying to generate the report.


What support is available for this product?#

Please note: This application is not intended as a long-term or production/enterprise solution.

  • Though the software is designed for powerful batch processing capabilities, this is freeware provided as-is to consume our premium web services. Minimal support will be available for this free software.

I can’t generate a report.#

  • Check if the webservice you’re reporting on is available to make reports.

The program says there is a data shift but I don’t think there is one.#

  • If you’ve set qualifiers to None, try the file again while setting the qualifier to double quotes (“). In most cases it is safer to set qualifiers to double quotes (”) instead of None.

  • Try opening the file in a spreadsheet editor and/or saving a copy from the editor.

The program stopped running because the web service was returning mostly error codes.#

  • This is intentional. For example, the webservice might return error codes if your license does not support the chosen web service, in which case your run should be stopped.

  • Alternatively, your file may contain data that is consistently returning error codes (which would happen if every Address was invalid, for example). If you want to run the file anyway you can turn off this check in File > Debug > Uncheck “Process Halted”.

The program won’t let me Run because I don’t have enough inputs.#

  • The program will enforce that you meet the minimum required inputs for each web service. If you think this is incorrect, you can turn off this check in File > Debug > Uncheck “Minimum Required Inputs”.

The program crashed and gave me an error message.#


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