Fine tune your sales and marketing efforts with Geo*Data’s raw source latitude and longitude coordinates and location information for precision marketing, mapping and distance applications, dealer location lookup programs, and customer clustering and modeling.

  • Geocode address to the ZIP+4 (9-digit) level

  • Append census tract and block numbers and County FIPS code

  • Create custom lookup routines

  • Updated quarterly

Turn Address Data into Something Simply Powerful

Geo*Data appends valuable geographic data linked to an address (latitude and longitude coordinates, census tract and block numbers, and County FIPs codes) so you can:

  • Assign geocodes to addresses for marketing, spatial analysis, and trading area definitions

  • Analyze customers geographically and determine areas of under demand as well as over saturation

  • Calculate distances for proximity and site location analysis to help identify the nearest distribution point or closest dealer to your customer

  • Enhance your address file with third-party demographic data for profiling, market analysis, and modeling application