See individual product pages’ documentation or Result codes for a complete description of their respective capabilities.

Domestic US and Canada#


Standardize and Correct

  • Names

  • Addresses

  • Phone Numbers

  • Email Addresses

  • Append Geo-coordinates

SmartMover NCOA#

Check to see if a Name or associated Company has moved to a new address.

Domestic US Only#

Personator Verify#

Correlate the above data types, E.G. Do they actually belong together?

Personator Move#

Check to see if a Name or associated Company has moved to a new address.

Personator Append#

If a record is verified or data sources may be able to append missing data (fill in the blanks.)

Express Entry#

  • Real time data entry for any field type

  • Real time auto-complete and validation for US addresses


  • Result Codes, the quality and errors associated with each record; appended to each record.

  • General Processing Summary, the details of processed job.

  • Processing Results Summary, summary table and charts of each action performed.

  • US Check & Verify State Distribution Summary (US only.)

  • SmartMover NCOA State & Province Distribution Summary (US & CAN.)

  • Result Code Summary, Table of total counts for each possible output action.

For International Data (Non US or Canada)#

Global Check#

Standardize and Correct

  • Addresses

  • Append Geo-coordinates


  • Result Codes, the quality and errors associated with each record; appended to each record

  • General Processing Summary, the details of processed job

  • Processing Results Summary, summary table and charts of each action performed

  • Result Code Summary, Table of total counts for each possible output action

Similar Solutions#

Data Quality Suite#

Individual Address, Name, Phone, Email Object programmers libraries or Suite.

Personator and Global Cloud Services#

Contact data verification callable web service from various protocols.

MAILERS+4 Software#

Desktop CASS, PAVE, Deduping.

ETL SSIS Components#

Contact data verification for Enterprise customers.

Express Entry#

Real-time data entry with auto-complete and verification of US addresses.

Personator Options Not Available in Listware#

The following options are Personator options not available in Listware for Excel, along with how Listware for Excel is set.

Name options (set to default)#

  • NameHint (set to ‘Varying’)

  • GenderPopulation (set to ‘Mixed’)

  • GenderAggression (set to ‘Neutral’)

  • MiddleNameLogic (set to ‘ParseLogic’)

  • SalutationFormat (set to ‘Formal’)

  • CorrectFirstName (set to ‘On’)

  • StandardizeCompany (set to ‘On’)

Address options#

  • UsePreferredCity (set to ‘On’)

  • AdvancedAddressCorrection (set to ‘On’)

  • Address option Diacritics are set to it’s default value (‘Auto’).

Email options (set to default)#

  • CorrectSyntax (set to ‘On’)

  • UpdateDomain (set to ‘On’)

  • DatabaseLookup (set to ‘On’)

  • StandardizeCasing (set to ‘On’)

Verify option#

  • CentricHint (set to default: Auto)

Append option#

  • Append is set to ‘Blank’.

Not Available in Listware#

  • NS02, NS05, NS06, NS07 and NS08 codes are suppressed.

  • No detailed phone properties are available in Listware.

  • No detailed e-mail properites are available in Listware.

  • No GrpCensus2 output properties (see Personator web service documentation).

  • No Detailed Property data returned, Basic only - (see Property web service documentation).

  • You cannot GeoCode using only an Address Key (ie, you must provide a full address).

  • No .cfg override.

  • Input/Output properties: The underlying services (see individual product pages) offer more options.

Only In Listware#

  • Result Codes - default behavior (Settings > Add-in Options) is to suppress ‘Good’ Result Codes

  • Parsed Result Code fields

  • SSIS lets you set a filter by code

  • Web service returns one output Result Code property which must programmatically parse

  • Summary report of credits consumed, number of records successfully verified for each operation

  • Flexible on demand credit payment system

Best Practices#

Upgrade to latest .NET#


NET Framework 4 is required to run Listware. If it is not installed the user is required to install it. Upgrade to the latest “FULL” version of .NET before installing the Excel Plug-ins

Saving Output Results#


As with most applications, it is good practice to periodically save your work. If you have opened a different file type, save as xls or xlsx to be able to save the background colors of the cells and the comments on the fields that the Personator web service appends to your Listware for Excel spreadsheet. Save the active sheet between multiple runs. In the event the service ends unexpectedly, previously appended Results will not be lost.

Optimizing Speed#


  • For faster processing speed, turn off the PlugIn Options which add formatting to the output cells. While the formatting makes post-processing analyzing easier and visually more attractive,writing the formatting to the excel output sheet can slow down the process significantly. For larger runs on older machines, using these options uses extensive memory resources resulting in a crash.

  • Don’t perform unnecessary actions. Not only will unnecessary options consume more credits, but operations like verify and append, for example, check a much larger amount of our source data, therefore consume more resources.

  • Don’t process your entire sheet. Its easier to select an entire sheet, but if only a specific range of the active table is missing data or needs updating, just specify that range.

Crashing on very large processing runs.#


See Optimizing Speed (above). The same suggestions ensure a more stable process.

The old adage that newer is better, performance-wise applies here…

  • Use 64-bit Windows instead of 32-bit.

  • Using a newer version of Windows (ie, Windows 7 versus XP).

  • Use 64-bit Office instead of 32-bit.

  • Use a newer versions of Excel (2010 and up).

Printing Reports#


  • Check Print Preview and set your margins to ensure optimal print layout.

  • By selecting only the Reporting Options you need, your Output will have a more concise ready to print report that requires no editing in Excel.

Express Entry Mode#


When you use Express Entry (Data Entry Mode), Listware will prompt you to configure optimal column settings. Once you place the focus back on the sheet (to edit for example), you have overridden the configuration, and therefore bottom of sheet insertion. We recommend once you open Express Entry, you stay in that mode until data entry is complete, and do not jump back and forth from excel edit mode.


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