What is Parcel Data?#

Parcels generally refer to a piece or unit of land, defined by a series of edges and nodes that connect to form a polygon. A parcel can be used to represent rights, restrictions, or responsibilities. Parcels can also be used to model administrative boundaries or cadastral frameworks. Parcels allow geographic-based analysis and viewing of key tax assessment data like property ownership, tax and assessment distribution, exempt property and property use. They can also assist with planning efforts that include detemining vacant and developed land, land use, zoning, preserved open space and flood zone analysis.

How often is Parcel Data updated?#

Our team provides updates to our parcel databases on a on-going basis. The intent for our comprehensive coverage is to update parcel records so that no parcel is older than one year. On average, 10-15 states are updated each quarter throughout the year.

What data source does Parcel Data use?#

Our data is sourced directly from each county or the county’s authoritative source for their parcel data.